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From doggy bags to swearing attendants, 'Stay Classy' reveals wedding day horrors

They don't account for traffic, bad weather, people in the wedding party unable to tell time, massive egos affecting Earth's gravitational pull," he said. One example: a wedding planner who expected the group to get from a Loop hotel to a church on Irving Park Road in 15 minutes via trolley. Wedding mishaps and disasters happen across all socioeconomic groups, he said. When you have such a big event, some people snap, some take advantage and some things just don't go according to plan, he said. "If I knew why it happens, I could try to prevent it," he said. Drake, an aspiring comedian who has videoed weddings across northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana, said he framed the book so that each chapter tells a story, presents a joke and then follows with a lesson. In the "speeches and scheduling" chapter he includes the speech he gave at his brother's wedding "because I think it's the greatest speech ever given at a wedding," he said, tongue in cheek. "Too many times people get up there with five typed pages. They ramble on for 20 minutes. When they get to the punchline or emotional moment, they've lost everyone. No one is listening." Bad, but not as bad as the vendor who waited until everyone at his table had filled their plates during a family style meal and then pulled out his own doggy bag materials.

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